You are able to activate and configure your demad from the 'Demand' page in the UI.

1. Click on 'Demand' in the top nav of the UI to get to the Demand page

2. Your available demand sources are shown. By default, they will be inactive. The toggle switch enables you to activate. 

Please Note
If any demand sources that we have listed as partners are not showing, contact Support and we will add them.

3. Click on the cog icon to configure the demand partner. Each demand partner has a unique set of mandatory or recommended fields, however, all demand partners will have at least the following:

  • Bidder Endpoint - we recommend using ServerBid's default, unless your demand partner advises otherwise. If your UI is not showing a default endpoint, contact Support and we will add.
  • Auction Type - we recommend First Price to maximize yield
  • A unique field that references your account at the demand partner

Demand only works correctly if (1) you have a valid account at the demand partner, (2) you have configured the demand partner in our UI (step 3 above).