When to Suspect a Problem

Your daily reporting should show impressions from each of the demand partners you are sending through ServerBid. If you are not seeing impressions, it means either 1) requests are not being sent to the partner, 2) bids are not being received by the partner, or 3) bids are too low to win. In all three cases, using the following troubleshooting guide will likely uncover the issue.

Demand Partner Troubleshooting

Sometimes demand partners will block requests that they do not expect to receive. You can check your setup with the demand partner to verify that this is not happening.

  • Is the domain that you are using whitelisted with the demand partner?
  • If the demand partner is either **Index Exchange** or **Pubmatic**, have they been made aware that your are sending requests through ServerBid? Oftentimes these two exchanges require a new set of parameters to access ServerBid.

Prebid Adapter Troubleshooting

1. Open an Incognito window (Chrome)
2. Visit your test URL (where the ServerBid adapter is installed) with the following querystring appended `?pbjs_debug=true`. For example, `http://www.mysite.com/mypage.html?pbjs_debug=true`.
3. Open Chrome's inspection console (right click, 'Inspect'). You can use the diagram below as a reference for the following steps:
 a. Go to the 'Network' tab *(1)*
 b. Filter by 'serverbid' *(2)*
 c. Refresh the page
 d. Click on 'v2' *(3)*, scroll to Request Payload, and check the following items:
  * Are the `siteId` *(4)* and `networkId` *(5)* formatted as follows: `siteId: '12345'` `networkId: '9969'` where both parameter values are surrounded in single quotes and where `networkId` is always '9969' and `siteId` is a number provided by ServerBid.
  * If you are using `zoneIds` *(6)*, the format is as follows: `zoneIds: [123456]` where 123456 is the zone ID provided by ServerBid and the value is surrounded by brackets. Multiple zone Ids (very rare) can be separated by commas as follows: `zoneIds: [123456,123457]`
4. Close the window *(7)* when you are done.

If nothing is found at step 3(b) it means you are not calling our bidder. Make sure you have formatted bidder as follows, with serverbid surrounded by single quotes: `bidder: 'serverbid'`

5. If you followed step 4 above, you should see a link `prebid.js:formatted:4039` that was hidden behind the window. Click the link.

6. If you followed step 5 above, you should now be on the 'Sources' tab. Search for the following string (our sync URL) by hitting `Ctrl+F` then entering `//s.zkcdn.net/ss/` *(1)*. If you find the string *(2)*, user syncing is working properly. If you do not find the string, move to the Console *(3)*.

7. In the Console, enter the following: `pbjs.getConfig('userSync.iframeEnabled')` and hit enter. If the response is not `true`, revisit the Enabling iFrameSync section of our Prebid Setup Guide.

Test/Example IDs

Below is a site and zone ID which should always return an ad. These can be used on the page for testing/troubleshooting purposes.

Parameter        Value