ServerBid Overview

ServerBid is a cloud-based service for running a unified auction across multiple demand partners. The service is accessed by publishers through a single call, via Prebid, API or a standard ad tag.

How Does ServerBid Integrate with Demand?

Our "demand partners" are the entities that we call for bids. They are typically exchanges, SSPs and DSPs. ServerBid integrates with these entities server-to-server through Open RTB. In order to integrate with a demand partner, we need their cooperation, which includes providing the details we request in our Partner Integration Guide.

Why Should We Integrate with ServerBid?

ServerBid works with a wide range of large publishers that are on the lookout for new sources of demand. Our cloud-based service makes it easy for a publisher to access new demand sources, once they have been approved through the demand partner's normal approval process.

You should integrate with ServerBid so we can be a source of new supply referrals.

How Would Our Publisher Relationships Change?

Your relationship with publishers that access your demand through ServerBid should be no different than if they were accessing it through another means.

  • ServerBid is purely a technical service. We bill on the number of requests, and we never buy and sell media. That's also to say, we have no stake in who wins the auction. So you can be assured that when your bid passes through ServerBid, we have no incentive to treat it any differently that any other bid on ServerBid. It simply flows right through us.
  • Your business relationship with your publisher remains your business relationship.Your quality standards and selection criteria still apply, you continue to pay for impressions based on your stats, and your payments continue to go directly to the publisher

Questions About Being a ServerBid Demand Partner?

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