In February 2018 ServerBid released a new adapter that deprecated reliance on SmartSync for basic user syncing. We highly recommend updating your adapter to this version, however if you are still maintaining the old adapter, the following are instructions for enabling SmartSync.

Because user syncing restrictions are differ between Prebid versions, implementation of SmartSync will depends on which version of Prebid you are using.

**If you are using Prebid 1.0.0 or higher:**

Put the following code in the <head> of your site, before your Prebid code. Replace the {SITE_ID} with the 6-digit number that we provide for the site once we have configured it in our system.

<script type="text/javascript" src="{SITE_ID}.js"></script>

**If you are using Prebid 0.34.x or lower:**

You will need to update your prebid.js request to set window.SMARTSYNC = true. Example below:

var PREBID_TIMEOUT  = 1700;
var SMARTSYNC = true;
var adUnits = ...