How do I enable SmartSync?

How you enable SmartSync depends on your Prebid version. Full instructions here.

Which demand sources do you have integrated?

The up-to-date list, which is constantly growing, can be found here:

Do you have reporting?

Yes. ServerBid features daily reports that you can receive by email. Ask your account manager to set this up for you.

Your impression/revenue numbers look different than what I am seeing at my demand partner. Why?

This is not uncommon. ServerBid measures revenue by the winning bid, added if an impression fires. Your demand partners might have additional criteria for what they consider to be a legitimate impression. They might temporarily withhold reporting on revenue that they want to investigate. Or, there could be a time zone difference (ServerBid reports on GMT).

Do you have a UI?

ServerBid has a UI in development, which will be available in beta during 1Q18.

Do you support video?

ServerBid supports in-banner video with select demand partners. Contact us to discuss setting it up for your instance.

Does ServerBid work with Prebid 1.X?

Yes, ServerBid is updated to work with all new releases of Prebid.

Do you support in-app?

If you have an SDK that serves in-app, you can interface with our unified auction through our API. ServerBid does not currently support its own SDK for serving in-app.

How do you calculate billable Requests?

Billable requests, a.k.a "Net Requests" are ad placement requests that make it to our system in condition to be forwarded to your demand partners. Any request that is not a candidate for forwarding is excluded. The number of demand partners to whom requests are forwarded is not factored in the calculation, e.g. if we receive a requests and it is sent to 10 demand partners, we count it as 1.

The Net Requests calculation is as follows:

All Inbound Requests

minus Known Bots

minus Placement Parameters Not Found in Our DB

minus Domain or Country Filters Placed by Customer

= Net (Billable) Requests