There are two steps to starting with ServerBid.

1. Configuration

Configuration entails entering the proper codes provided by your demand partners. These codes are what ServerBid passes along in its requests to initiate the unified auction process. The codes provide the demand partners with the information they need to submit an informed bid.

Where to ConfigureBest ForProcess
ServerBid UI ( configurationsYou are given access to the UI as part of your service.
Bulk Import Template20+ New EntriesThis is a manual process, whereupon you fill out a spreadsheet ( and we import it into our system. Turnaround is usually 48 hours.

2. Activation

Activation is the actual presence on webpage, or within your ad server, that will call to ServerBid. The process for Activation depends on how you are currently running RTB at your sites. ServerBid currently supports 3 methods:

Header BiddingPrebid
APIAPI processor
Ad TagNone